Geocachers view of the Southern Finland

This is how the Southern Finland looks like to a geocacher.


Below is a time-lapse video of all hidden caches. Each dot is a hidden cache, red dots are new caches each day. Lots of adventures available, though this might not say much to non Finns. You may want to switch to a full screen view to see the details.

Train travel delays in Finland

VR Group is currently the only company providing passenger train services in Finland, with less than optimal success in timeliness. Some time ago VR released a service for tracking train status and location in real-time. The service also informs how much each train is delayed.

The founder of Junainfo, Mikko Jokinen, provided me with a chunk of archived data from Jan-Feb 2015. The data has wealth of potential for analysis, but for a quick look here is an animation that illustrates the pulse of trains that VR has tracked for some weeks in January 2015.