Mining open source GIS data for Urban Snowboarding locations

Now something different.

Off-piste snowboarding in urban or rural areas is a time-consuming hobby especially outside the mountain areas, because the best spots are neither marked nor listed in city maps. A lazy snowboarder wants to find a nice, open hillside with decent slope and sparse treeline, but finding even a few spots requires numerous trips to countless would-be locations. But hey, we have open source GIS tools and Open Data to mine for just that!

So I opened up Quantum GIS and the Raster Calculator.

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Organizational Competence Simulator (Peter Principle)

There is a law called Peter Principle stating that In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence. Basically this should hold true in an organization which promotes the most competent people, and in which good competence of an individual at one organizational level does not imply good competence at the next level. For example, a good designer or an engineer might not be a good manager or a group leader, and vice versa. Continue reading Organizational Competence Simulator (Peter Principle)